The best-selling author of Winning at Trial now presents his latest award-winning
deposition book, 
Winning at Deposition:

A SUCCESSFUL DEPOSITION is the most important weapon you have to win your case. How can you be sure you’ll get it every time? Learn from the skillful techniques---and memorable failures---that occurred at the most famous depositions of all time: President Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and O.J. Simpson. This new deposition book has it all, clearly explained in an easy-to-understand format.

Winning at Deposition is the only book on depositions that analyzes transcripts and videos of actual depositions. Learn how to take a deposition, how to defend a deposition, how to take the deposition of an expert witness, plus many more innovative tips for a deposition. 

    Winning at Deposition
by D. Shane Read
  • The ins and outs of how to take a deposition –for beginners and experienced lawyers
  • Innovative advice on how to prepare a witness for a deposition
  • Why much of the conventional wisdom about depositions is completely wrong
  • How to beat an expert witness at deposition every time
  • New strategies that guarantee success with argumentative lawyers & lying witnesses
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    Winning at Trial
by D. Shane Read

Winning at Trial has been adopted throughout the country by law schools for use in introductory and advanced trial advocacy classes.  It won ACLEA's top honor for professional excellence.

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Book Excerpts  |  Reviews

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D. Shane Read is a best-selling and multiple award-winning author. Both his deposition book, Winning at Deposition, and his trial advocacy book, Winning at Trial, have won the highest award available for a legal publication: the Association for Continuing Legal Education’s Best Publication Award. He is also an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and a faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. 

A graduate of Yale University and the University of Texas School of Law, He began his career at Akin Gump in 1989. Since 1998, he has worked on civil and criminal cases as an Assistant United States Attorney* in Dallas, Texas, and teaches lawyers and law students throughout the United States. 


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Association for Continuing Legal Education’s (ACLEA) Winner of Best Publication Award

•  Winning at Deposition (2012)
•  Winning at Trial (2008)

The annual ACLEA award is given to the best publication from over 300 entries submitted by continuing legal education publishers from around the country. 

Reviews for

Winning at Deposition is a strong and recommended reference for any lawyer."
–Midwest Book Review

"No matter how many depositions you have taken or defended, or how good you think you are, Shane Read's Winning at Deposition is a must read. It is the most informative and entertaining "how to do it" book for trial lawyers I can ever remember reading."

Robert G. Begam, Past President, Assoc. of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)

"The book illustrates what lawyers strategically should do in a deposition---as opposed to simply telling them what can be done."
–Douglas A. Blaze, Dean and former Director of Clinical Programs, Univ. of Tennessee College of Law

"This is a cutting-edge litigation masterpiece."
–Jean Hoefer Toal, Chief Justice Supreme Court of South Carolina

"I would strongly recommend to all lawyers that they read Winning at Deposition. It will likely come to be known as the Bible for taking or defending a deposition."
–John J. Culhane, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Coca-Cola Enterprises (retired)

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"If you are looking for the best advocacy book, this is it."
–Tracy Walters McCormack, Director of Advocacy, University of Texas School of Law

"Winning at Trial is the most comprehensive compilation of trial strategy that I have read in many, many years."
–George Chandler, Past President, Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.

"Shane Read has written an excellent book that will be most helpful to the bench and bar for many years to come."
–Robert F. Chapman, Former U.S. District Judge, Retired U.S. Circuit Judge

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